1. Temperature used for making tea is around + 90 degrees Celsius.
 Heat the teapot by rinsing it with boiling water once. Place the tea leaves in the pot upto
 about one-third. The heat in the teapot enables the leaves to unwind slowly and
 progressively release all their perfume.

 2. Wait for 2 -3 minutes then fill the teapot with hot water waking the tea leaves fully.

 3. Cover the teapot to give the tea 4 full minutes rest during which time it will open up
entirely and freely. Then strain the tea. Tea will become bitter if left in the pot for longer
than 4 minutes.

 4. Tea should be poured from about 1 ft. above the tea cup to mix with oxygen in the air
 making it a truly savoury tea.

5. The tea should now be full of aroma and flavour -- lift the cup up and smell observing
 at the same time the colour of the tea drink -- golden colour for oolong tea and slightly
more green for green tea.

6. Enjoy the tea!



 A set of a tiny tea cup and a proportional smelling cylinder is used for tea tasting at a friendly
 gathering, meeting or consultation. Accompaniment is usually Chinese moon cakes. Such is
an old culture which is practised until present. A sound of three light knocks on the table is
a sign of appreciation when tea is served.

Once the tea is poured into the tiny smelling cylinder, it is covered by the tiny cup. To taste it,
 the set is inverted and the cylinder is pulled away to allow the taster to taste the tea.