The Birth of “Doi Chang Tea”

 The Birth of “Doi Chang Tea”       

  Doi Chang Tea was conceived at the end of the last century by a group of founders who believe that while tea is an agricultural product providing quality virtues for health, it also is a perennial which the villagers (of Pong Prae Tambon in the Mae Lao District of Chiang Rai Province) could grow and nurture without using chemicals.  Furthermore, the income generated should be bigger than growing other crops which require that farmers shift from place-to-place destroying the soil with expensive chemicals as they move on.

The aim here is to achieve long-term sustainability of soil fertility and productivity to protect the environment and create a form of organic micro-system that produces an economically viable tea that is totally free of chemicals.

Some tea growers argue that rain or sprinkled water would remove completely  residual chemicals from tea leaves.  This is only half-true as chemical residues underneath the leaves remain untouched.  Based on the foregoing, Doi Chang Tea Plantation has embarked on this difficult endeavor of producing one hundred percent chemical-free tea product

Meanwhile, part of the revenue has over the years been donated to the Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation(SPF) which takes care of 1,100 orphans whose parents have died of AIDS to enable them to become an important and formidable strength of the nation.

Concurrently, research and development of Doi Chang Tea continue to progress with the aim of producing the highest quality tea; while its health tea blends should be able to prevent and primarily cure patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension and high blood cholesterol

At present, there is a co-operation within and outside the country in the areas of:  
(i)  agriculture;  (ii) analysis of important chemical compounds in tea and Thai herbs; (iii) ongoing field experiments using our health tea blends on diabetics.