Organic rules

Tea Cultivation under Pure Organic Rules

COMPOST  (Natural Fertilizer)

Use of home-made natural fertilizer to ensure that it is totally free of chemicals and yet contain the necessary nutrients such

  • protein
  • chlorophyll
  • oil from the skin and seed of peanut
  • nitrogen


Peanuts are planted and left to grow for about 3 months before being used to make the compost

Grind the peanuts
Fermentation of about 20-30 days before using



Doi Chang Tea is an Oolong green tea product.  The tea plant is derived from Oolong tea which was originally cultivated in Taiwan with saplings brought over from China. 

Doi Chang Tea Plantation has an area of 20 acres which is the appropriate size for cultivation under pure organic rules with extreme exquisite care.

Doi Chang Tea under pure organic cultivation produces sweetly-scented inviting fragrance undoubtedly attracting unwelcomed pests.  The following methods of natural pest control are used:

1)  Destroy pest by hand-plucking the infested leaves every morning

2)  Spray naturally made pest control solution


3)  Use fluorescent glued sheets to intercept pests which is the best method for pest control

4.  Use of predators though this method is not so successful as ants attack them

                                                                                  5.  Use of lamps to intercept nocturnal pests
                                                                                              Photo above shows intercepted pest             

6)  Experiment using ginger and lemongrass
as fertilizer proves that young shoots flourish
and tea plants are healthier although still infested
with a few pests

Photo below shows healthy tea plants fed with ginger
and lemongrass fertilizer

7)  “Insect-eating birds become a natural tool of our pest control”

8.  Pruning or cutting the desiccated leaves to allow new young shoots to flourish