Natural Health Virtues of Tea

                Tea contains a number of chemical compounds including amino-acids, carbohydrates, mineral ions and caffeine which bring healthy benefits to a human body making it cheerful, active, assisting its digestive system, acting as a diuretic, reducing sugar-level and lipid content in the blood system, enlarging wind-pipes to ease breathing, preventing the formation of  some cancer cells, prevent blood clogging and brittleness in blood vessels, eliminating germs that cause typhoid and cholera, reducing infection, curing wounds, strengthening teeth, diminishing tooth decay thereby ridding of mouth odor as well as providing several other health benefits.

Medical data as provided by the Ministry of Public Health that high blood pressure or hypertension is quite a big problem all over the world and that this symptom cannot be completely cured.  World Hypertension Body announced that 1,500 million cases out of the world population of 6,000 million suffer from hypertension and that 7 million pass away annually.


As for Thailand, it was found in 2004 that out of 50 million people of over 15 years of age, 11 million suffered from hypertension which means that one out of every 5 persons suffered from it and that 23 percent were men and 21 percent were women.The largest number of patients is found in the north followed by the central region, the northeast and lastly the south.  The statistics between 1998 and 2008 showed that the number of patients suffering from hypertension admitted in hospitals has increased 5 times.  This is caused by overweight, over consumption of salt and lack of exercise.  Hypertension is not a disease and is not contagious.  Statistics however show that hypertension in Bangkok is caused by excessive weight; while the population of the northeast suffers from it through heavy smoking habits and the population of the north  through excessive consumption of alcohol.


The Director-General of the Disease Control Department disclosed a worrying factor that the symptom of hypertension in a patient does not show in the initial stages but will become more evident when accompanied at a later stage by diabetes and high cholesterol.   Hypertension patients normally neglect to take care of themselves until it is often too late.

The Doi Chang Tea Research Team realizes that tea possesses a wealth of health benefits which can provide protection from all kinds of ailments.  Moreover, it is worldwide known that some Thai herbs can also prevent and cure certain diseases.  As such, our Research Team foresees the possibility of defining and combining the health-giving constituents of tea with the medicinal properties of Thai herbs to derive maximum health benefits from both for the human body.


The team has therefore embarked on the above research by using the data provided by: (i) the Herbal Research Institute, Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health;  (ii)  the Thai herb information from the Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society;  (iii)  traditional medicinal properties registered under the Food and Drug Administration, Thai Herb Information Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University; to use the following kinds of herbs through the blending system to prevent and cure certain kinds of diseases.

Thai Oolong Herbal Tea










Main reference for ingredients


• Medicinal Plant Research Institute, Department of Medical Science,

Ministry of Public Health

• The Union of Thai traditional Medicine Society, Thai Herb Information Faculty of Pharmacy,

•Mahidol University,Thai Herb Information Department


Healing using Doi Chang Health Tea Blends


Since Doi Chang Tea emphasizes that the cultivation of its tea is purely organic, free from all chemicals for the health safety of its consumers leading to the invention of Doi Chang Health Tea using the blending system of local technical know-how.  Thai herbs of particular medicinal properties as shown in the foregoing tables have been chosen to blend invisibly with the tea leaves offering a health tea blend that is clear in color, of a certain herbal fragrance and consisting of well-known herbal medicinal properties.

Traditionally, tea is a health drink which assists in the excretion of waste, digestion, blood circulation and prevention of the hardening of arteries. Certain Thai herbs such as Bai Chaploo, Makampom and Makueapuang which are commonly used in Thai cooking contain constituents that reduce the sugar-level in diabetics.  By invisibly blending the above herbs with tea, it has been found through field experiments that it can reduce the sugar-level in diabetics.  As for other herbs such as celery, safflower and paetampueng, these contain medicinal properties that can reduce hypertension and high cholesterol.

In the initial stages of the study, it has been found that after using the Doi Chang Health Tea Blend which is destined to cure diabetics, the sugar-level of one volunteer has actually reduced from 140 to 84 units.




Another innovative method using a mixture of herbs to feed the tea tree through its roots and leaves has shown increases in the number of antioxidants on the following testing periods:

Feeding during 3 months:      increase from 136,715 to 147,200       umolTrolox
Feeding during 6 months:      increase from 138,715 to 191,633       umolTrolox
Feeding during 9 months:      increase from 138,715 to 220,205       umolTrolox
Feeding during 12 months:    increase from 138,715 to 338,759       umolTrolox

From the above results, the Doi Chang Tea Research Team has been greatly encouraged to carry out further research to ensure that the Doi Chang  Health Tea Blends truly become preventive and curative.  It has thereafter sought and obtained co-operation from the Tea Institute of a University and the Medical Team of a Hospital to undertake the above entitled Heavenly Blessings Project to obtain optimum benefit for the human community in the very near future.And, indeed we will push on under our ideals as depicted hereunder